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CoQ10 with UBIQSOME®- 300mg - 60 vegetarian capsules

CoQ10 with UBIQSOME®- 300mg - 60 vegetarian capsules

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  • Formulated with UBIQSOME® A FOOD GRADE CoQ10 phytosome
  • 9X  Better Absorption
  • Clinically proven
  • Antioxidant for Heart Muscle and Energy Production*
  • Vegetarian Capsule
  • Gluten-Free
  • Made in the USA

Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10 as it is most often called, is a fat-soluble nutrient produced naturally by the body and used by every cell to create energy. It is among the most popular supplements in the United States and with good reason. CoQ10’s top job is to convert nutrients from food into fuel, and it is important for protecting the body from free radical damage.  Plus there is a significant body of research detailing its efficacy and safety as well as its importance to support healthy heart function, muscle maintenance, and energy production.

The problem is CoQ10 bioavailability is widely variable from one product to another, so when choosing a CoQ10 formula, it is important to look at the absorption rate to select a product that will deliver the expected benefits.

Princeton Vitamins is pleased to introduce a CoQ10 supplement that offers as much as 9 times the absorption of traditional CoQ10 supplements. It contains a new food-grade formulation of CoQ10 with a CoQ10 phytosome, called Ubiqsome®, a patent-pending ingredient from Indena.  In a 2019 solubility study, this CoQ10 phytosome showed evidence of amelioration of CoQ10 muscle absorption after oral administration, and it is the only formula on the market that enhanced both plasmatic and muscle CoQ10 levels.[i]

Ubiqsome is the first ingredient to improve CoQ10 absorption in both muscle and plasma. It also demonstrates that it is not necessary to take CoQ10 as ubiquinol to obtain a real pharmacokinetic and biological advantage, given that most orally ingested CoQ10 as ubiquinone is immediately converted to ubiquinol anyway.

Ubiqsome goes beyond any other CoQ10 ingredient on the market. Princeton Vitamins’ CoQ10 contains 300 mg of Ubiqsome, the dosage recommended for the maximum benefit as demonstrated in the research shown here. It is an ideal CoQ10 supplement for anyone looking to support heart and muscle function or enhance energy production.*

[1] Petrangolini G et al. A new food-grade Coenzyme Q10 formulation improves bioavailability; Single and repeated Pharmacokinetic Studies in Healthy Volunteers. Current Drug Delivery. 2019.

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Why is water extraction important?

Water is the most natural solvent possible and much more gentle than alcohol or other industrial solvents, like acetone or hexane, that can leave behind residue traces or alter bioavailability of a plant’s active constituents. Princeton Vitamins uses water as a solvent.

Why is standardization important?

A ratio based herbal extract is made by extracting the biochemical constituents of a plant from its cellular structural components using a liquid solvent. The scientific method of standardization involves measuring and extracting a plant’s compounds that are believed to be responsible for its active, health promoting properties. Products that are standardized are prepared to specifications/ratios shown to be.