About Us

 Who We Are

Princeton Vitamins is a nutraceutical/nutrigenomics company whose sole objective is to deliver science-based high quality supplements to improve the life and quality of consumers, no matter where they live. The founders are committed to health and wellness around the world. President and CEO of Princeton Vitamins, Professor Mohamed M. Rafi, Ph.D., has a long history with nutrition/nutrigenomics research at Rutgers University. In particular, Dr. Rafi conducted major studies looking at the modulation of gene and protein expression in cancer, inflammation, diabetes and obesity using bioactive food components.

The importance of the Salacia plant species, a perennial woody, climbing vine native to India and Sri Lanka, first caught Dr. Rafi’s attention in graduate school. Over the past 30 years, he has been involved with and followed studies of this species and wondered why more was not being done to bring this important ingredient for healthy blood sugar metabolism to the many consumers who need it. Of the few Salacia oblonga products available on the market, none are standardized or true to Ayurvedic tradition. That was the genesis for Princeton Vitamins.

Our Mission

We are here to serve humanity by providing high-quality products with 100% natural ingredients at affordable prices. Many other supplements in the market are adulterated or spiked with synthetic ingredients which are harmful to the human body. This is a status quo that Princeton Vitamins strives to change. Our mission is to provide high quality, naturally derived, clean label dietary supplements that promote a healthy lifestyle, beauty and wellness from within by maintaining healthy aging, pain management, enhancing healthy blood sugar metabolism, supporting weight management, digestive health, cognitive function, and overall wellness.