Curcuzen Reviews:

C. Henderson

Curcuzen 95 is amazing!

April 26, 2018
I first encountered Curcuzen 95 at a conference in Baltimore. I attended the conference 6 weeks out from surgery for a severely broken wrist. It was the end of the day and I was in a lot of pain. A young man approached me and said he knew of a product for pain. I then spoke with the owner of Princeton Vitamins, who detailed the underlying process in Curcuzen 95's ability to reduce inflammation and thereby decrease pain. I wanted to try it, but I only had $1. The kind owner gave me the product for free and encouraged me to try it for several weeks.I am now 12 weeks out from my surgery and still in fairly moderate pain because of the severity of the break. The days that I remember to take Curcuzen 95 are far more manageable than when I don't. I've started taking 2 or 3 doses daily, with continually increasing relief. I also found the company to be upstanding and honest because of the way I the folks treated me, and I would much rather give my money to a family owned and run business.


Moderates Joint Pain, Improves mood and memory

January 21, 2018
Took 3 CAPSULES DAILY since Herbal supplement is made out of turmeric roots and has no side effect. Witnessed almost NEGLIGIBLE JOINT PAIN by the end of 1st week itself. IMPROVED MEMORY was a surprise i got after 3 weeks or so. Encouraged by the unexpected early result, i made slight change in diet (avoided processed foods as much as I could). IMPROVED DIGESTIVE SYSTEM response got added to already experienced quick benefits. Further Google searches on benefits of turmeric confirmed controlled blood sugar, healthy function of the heart and very effective for joint pain. With turmeric as natural blood cleanser i will add CURCUZEN 95 in my daily diet after i measure results for 2 more months. Instead of popping allopathy vitamin capsules made out of heavy chemical, adding natural botanical supplement to my daily diet make sense to me to raise long term health guards as I am already 50.

Rachel huff
Curcuzen Really Works!

August 1, 2017
I must say I feel much better having taken Curcuzen for two weeks now. My son and I are strong fans of Curcumin, and this product is of the highest quality. I feel more energy at performing daily tasks, and my son, who works construction depends on Curcuzen to relieve his aches and pains. I am particularly impressed with Dr Rafi, the owner of Princeton Vitamins. Dr Rafi has published papers on the importance of taking only true curcumin. There are a lot of ineffective and fake tumeric/ curcumin products on the market. I am content in knowing that Princeton Vitamins only buys the highest quality and natural raw materials. Curcuzen really works!

M. Shabber

Great Product!

December 17, 2017
Great Product!!!  The product was delivered swiftly and in good packaging.I was suffering from chronic Back pain from many years and i have tried many medications but nothing seems to work, until i found this product. I have been taking Curcuzen for past two months and i see so much difference in my pain.

Now my pain has gone down significantly and am feeling much better and energetic. I love this product and i highly recommend to all if you have any types of joints pains.....
Amazon Customer

have recommend it to some colleagues one easily gets cold in ...

November 21, 2017
Curcuzen worked for me. I have muscles and joints pains all the time. About 2 or 3 weeks since taking it, one day I just told myself, hang on, I haven’t felt pains for a long time!I haven’t got cold/flu since taking it either. I can’t say this is 100% because of the Curcuzen, but I did read that Curcuzen helps strengthen the immune system.I have recommend it to some colleagues one easily gets cold in winter, and the other has chronic knees pains.

Nileena Sanjeev

This is a great product and i would definitely recommend it

September 18, 2017
i bought this product for my parents who are suffering from acute arthritis. The have been taking this product over a month and i must say that it has made a huge difference. The pain has reduced significantly and they have started talking the long morning and afternoon walks. I subsequently bought a bottle for myself ,and have been taking it for the past fifteen days and have a seen a big difference to ease my occassional back pain. This is a great product and i would definitely recommend it.

Amazon Customer

my energy level increased and see great positive improvements on my Knee pain

August 9, 2017
I have been suffering from low energy and Knee pain for last couple of months. I tried all kinds of natural medicines and oils but with little or no effect. I chanced upon Curcuzen from Princeton Vitamins and decided to give a try. I should thankfully say that , my energy level increased and see great positive improvements on my Knee pain. I am very glad that , I started using the tablet . Thank you , please keep up the quality.

Yours Sincerely
Amazon Customer
Amazing product to lower sugar level along with Herbal sugar formula

November 13, 2017
Amazing product to lower sugar level along with herbal sugar formula. 2 capsules of Curcuzen and 2 capsules of Herbal sugar formula in combination works well to bring the sugar down. My wife stops taking diabetic medication and we are happy with Princeton Vitamins products.

E. Rosenfeld

Five Stars

October 11, 2017
Great product, my carpal tunnel symptoms are almost gone! May be able to avoid orthopedist visit!Deb Rosenfeld

Amazon Customer

Great quality product and very effective

December 12, 2017
Great quality product I use it regularly. Being a physician myself I've tried others and they are not as potent or concentrated. This is good quality and you can feel the benefit after you take it a lot of my joint issues have resolved since I've started taking this. Which strongly recommend this product to everyone.


Great Product.

October 18, 2017
CURCUZEN is a great product. This product was bought for my in-law suffering from acute knee pain and arthritis. After She started using this medication, the continuous knee pain is reduced a lot and is feeling much much better than before. She will continue use this product and will update her feedback eventually. So far, it is very good. Thank you so much.

some dude

Build stronger immunity

January 25, 2019
Excellent product. We all love this in our family. My parents live in different state and they also love it. I’ll recommend to others to use this to build their strong immunity.


Five Stars

January 16, 2018
Anti inflammatory product for arthritis

Amira Shourbaji


September 11, 2018
Good quality and very easy to consume. Looking forward to continued benefits.

Amazon Customer

... herbal sugar formula 550mg and so far it's been great! Great for lowering my blood sugar

September 18, 2017
I combine this product with herbal sugar formula 550mg and so far it's been great! Great for lowering my blood sugar!

Filloreta B

Such a wonderful product!

November 1, 2017
I started this supplement months ago and it's helping me a lot especially since I've started my physical therapy for my knee and shoulder. I stopped taking the supplement 2-3 times and saw the difference in how I feel (and I felt more pain stopping the supplement). This supplement has helped me regain my strength and is safe to take. I recommended it to all my friends and family members. I definitely would advise those who have arthritis and inflammation problems because it is a great reliever and alleviates a lot of the pain and puts you in a better mood.-Jenny B.


Herbal Sugar Formula Reviews:


Controls Diabetes. Build natural herb defense to prevent cardiovascular, nerve, kidney issues.

January 21, 2018
Bought in Sep 2017. Started taking Herbal Sugar Formula by mid Dec. Fatigue Irritability reduced. Blood sugar level dropped noticeably. Though late at 50 years of age, have STARTED BUILDING NATURAL HERBS DEFENSE TO PREVENT CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE, NERVE / KIDNEY ISSUES as I age. Eating fresh & not up to brim, daily 5-7 minutes of in-house light work out seems to have responded well to this herbal supplement. I am buying again today my second monthly course and measure blood sugar level after a month.

Amazon Customer

Amazing product to lower sugar level with Curcuzen

November 13, 2017
I have ordered this product for my wife and her sugar is now control after taking this product along with 2 capsules of Curcuzen 95. The combination is working well for her. I will keep ordering this product and it is an amazing product


moderating diabetes product

January 16, 2018
For moderating diabetes, this is a natural solution

Amazon Customer

I have long suspected that I have high blood sugar ...

November 21, 2017
I have long suspected that I have high blood sugar issue. After I took these pills, I was more sure that I Indeed used to have it! Because now my symptoms of getting dizzy, sleepiness, chest congestion... is ALL GONE! My emotion is more stable too.I also started losing weight since taking it. Around 2-3 lbs a month. Not a lot of weight loss I know, but effortless and healthy— no diet no extra exercise what so ever. I haven’t experienced any side effect yet. People should definitely give it a try.


BlacQumin Reviews:


A wonderful dietary supplement
May 15, 2019
Started using this product after years of painful arthritic chest-related issues. After I started using this, I had less lingering episodes of pain (after about two weeks of use). Ran out of my supply, and about two weeks later, the pain came back again. Coincidence?
Amazon Customer

Increase in stamina and strength

September 28, 2018
After using BlacQumin for 2 weeks plus there is a clear increase in stamina and strength
My core workouts have become easier even after increasing reps A must supplement for everyone

Amazon Customer

Amazing product

January 22, 2019
After taking this product for the last 3 weeks, I feel strong, have more stamina and no more pain in my leg muscles.

A. J.

just feeling better

December 13, 2018
I started taking this product manufactured and sold by princeton vitamins because I've had a very good outcome from taking their other product - Curcumin, so I trust them. I can't put my finger on it exactly, but after a couple of weeks of taking it, I just have a better sense of well being and good health. I admit I was a skeptic with the first bottle, but now I'm ordering a second bottle for me, and also encouraging my wife to take both of these as well.

Probiotics + Prebiotics (Organic Cranberry Extract) Reviews:

Mikhail Chikindas

The probiotic that worked for my mother

January 23, 2019
I decided to purchase this formulation of pre- and probiotic for my mother after reading several research papers reporting on its various beneficial effects for human health. To avoid a "placebo effect", I suggested her to try this formulation without giving any details, just saying that it may improve her overall health status. After two weeks of administration, my mother told me that her sleeping and mood improved significantly, and she started feeling some improvement of digestion.

Natural Astaxathin Reviews:

Rachel huff

Excellent Astaxanthin Product and Vegan as well
March 2, 2019
We received the product quickly. I have been taking astaxanthin for several years. I'm in my 50's and has improved my vision. I can see fine detail without squinting now. This product is great, I have been taking this vegetarian type the past two weeks and it is working. I have piece of mind know that it is a vegetarian astaxanthin as well. Great job, Princeton Vitamins. This is a brand you can trust!
A. J.

immediate results - outstanding product
February 22, 2019
We are all wary of products that promise too much, but we have been consumers of other princeton vitamin products and we know the quality, so my husband and I were eager to try this new product and we were not disappointed. Within three days, both my husband and I experienced an overall increased feeling of well being, less need for caffeine products to feel alert, and dreams at night that are quite entertaining and vivid. We are both in our sixties and always looking for natural ways to combat the aging process. This product is the real deal, and we are thrilled that Princeton Vitamins added this to their line of products we've been taking for over a year with good results. After consuming our first bottle, I just bought two more!