Organic Cranberry Extract

Probiotics + Prebiotics (Organic Cranberry Extract)

Organic Cranberry extract (Prebiotics) with
Probiotics (Lactospores) for Women

An all-natural women’s formula for the support of healthy immune function,
digestive maintenance, and urinary tract and vaginal health

Women are under more pressure than ever—trying to do it all—juggling the demands of family, career and household. As a result, many are struggling to properly manage their diet and stress levels, and this is impacting the balance and optimal function of their digestive system, which can, in turn, create a host of issues from weight gain and poor energy to less than ideal digestive function and poor sleep. This is why Princeton Vitamins has developed a new supplement especially formulated for women to help them maintain a healthy balance of microflora in their gut and reap all the advantages that come with that.

The Organic Cranberry Prebiotic and Probiotic Formula for Women contains a mix of these important bacteria and formulated especially for women to support optimal gut health, immune function and urinary tract health.

The formula is based on well-grounded nutritional evidence. We now know, for example, that a growing body of research links gastrointestinal health to many systems including optimal immune function, mental focus and mood, energy levels, healthy joints and healthy weight.1,2,3  But this takes a healthy balance of both probiotics, the bacteria and yeasts needed in the digestive system to keep things balanced and working smoothly, and prebiotics, the non-digestible carbohydrates that serve as food for the beneficial living bacteria in the gut.4

It is now known that there are nutritional advantages for a healthy balance of both probiotics and prebiotics that support digestive balance as well as helping to maintain overall health.5

The formula contains two billion CFUs (colony forming units) of the proven probiotic strain Bacillus coagulans (Lactospores MTCC 5856) as well as prebiotics from 750 mg of standardized organic cranberry seed extract. In addition to its prebiotic benefits, cranberry seed extract is well known for its support of urinary tract health. Evidence suggests that substances known as proanthocyanidins/proanthocyanidines (PACS) which are found in cranberries, may interfere with the adhesion of bacteria (particularly E. coli) to the walls of the urinary tract.6,7.

The Princeton Vitamins formula helps support:
  • Digestive health: The probiotics contained in the formula are natural and gentle on the body, with a strain that is ideally suited for women. Organic cranberry seed causes no gas or bloating and provides the perfect prebiotics for women. These bacteria used are room-temperature stable and can survive the stomach environment without breaking down early or being destroyed by stomach acid or heat. The formula with both prebiotics and probiotics provide a dual action synbiotic supplement with the added value of cranberry’s support for urinary and vaginal health.
  • Energy and mood: The gut is where 90% of the mood focused hormones and chemicals are created, so supporting microflora balance helps to enhance energy and support mood balance.
  • Immune support: The intestine makes up 80% of the immune system, so building up immunity defenses with probiotics and organic prebiotics helps to maintain both healthy digestive balance as well as support a strong immune function. The formula provides maximum biome nourishment to enhance a healthy balance of microflora in the gut and vaginal system.
  • Optimal weight and vaginal health: The Bacillus coagulans strain is an ideal woman's probiotic for vaginal bacterial balance. The live bacteria of these probiotics combined with the bacterial food from an organic standardized prebiotic help maintain blood sugar metabolism and digestive and urinary tract health. This all-natural womens’ probiotic formula with prebiotics provides both the essential biome bacteria as well as the food that this good bacteria needs to survive and thrive. This probiotic formulation contains a number of cells sufficient for delivering the desired effect.
  • Improved quality of sleep: Studies show that prebiotics make sleep more restorative – this is likely due to their ability to balance blood sugar and stress. This also helps maximize healthy metabolism and weight loss, as well as hormonal issues and hot flashes – in combination with healthy diet and exercise.8  Scientific evidence now supports the promise of natural and traditional methods in modulating overall health and wellness. A significant body of evidence now suggests the importance of a healthy microbiome balance for digestive health and the healthy function of many systems tied to gut health, including immunity, metabolism, vaginal health, mood etc.  Princeton Vitamin’s Organic Cranberry standardized extract (Prebiotics) with Probiotics (Lactospores) for Women’s Health is now available at select pharmacies, health food stores, and

Composition of standardized Organic Cranberry extract
Proteins: 20%
Total fiber: 53%
Proanthocyanidins/proanthocyanidines (PACS) 6%

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