Welcome to Princeton Vitamins

Nutrition and healthcare are at a crossroads, with the focus shifting from one-size-fits-all pharmaceuticals to natural, synergistic and individualized solutions. Princeton Vitamins is at the forefront of this trend, offering authentic, minimally processed raw materials for our herbal supplements for healthy blood sugar metabolism and other herbal supplements that are proven through ancient Ayurvedic medicine.

We don’t use harsh solvents, but rather a proprietary hot-water extraction technology and supercritical fluid extraction technology.  Our proprietary ingredients Salsulin® from Salacia oblonga, Curcuzen®  95% from turmeric root, Blaqumin™  from black seed oil extract, Probiotics and Prebiotics with organic cranberry, and Astazine® , a natural Astaxanthin from microalgae and its active components adhere to well-documented Ayurvedic tradition and integrative medicine. Our products are made in a U.S.-based cGMP facility  and offer optimal efficacy – in perfect harmony with nature.